Grand Prix of America

US Grand Prix

The Grand Prix of America has finally been given a provisional spot on the Formula 1 calendar. The race is scheduled to take place 01 June 2014. subject to the track being completed and passing inspection by the FIA.

The race will join the USA Grand Prix as the second race to be held in America and will be held as a double-header a week before the Canadian GP in Montreal.

Although technically in New Jersey, this event will surely come to be known as the New York Grand Prix, as a panoramic view of the Manhattan skyline features as a backdrop to the race.

Tom Cotter, President of Grand Prix America explains that holding the race in New Jersey could turn out to be better than in Manhattan, as was once planned, as you would not be able to “see the woods for the trees”

The track is also looking promising. It is a street circuit but designed by long time circuit architect Herman Tilke. Christian Epp of Tilke America as quoted on the BBC “It’s a street circuit with elevation change comparable to what you see in Monaco… but the high speed makes this quite unique”

Building a street circuit that is “like Monaco” is not a guarantee to success, as the Valencia GP found out. A track needs to offer excitement, entertainment and overtaking. But New York or even New Jersey is not Valencia. It is already one of the world ‘s most popular destinations and filling the seats should not be a problem.

It will definitely be an attractive proposition for European fans. It is a seven hour flight ,but you get to see Alonso, Vettel and Hamilton on the same day as the Empire State Building and the Statue of liberty.

This is also a unique venue that has the opportunity to redefine how new tracks are developed, bringing circuits closer to big cities and making Grand Prix more accessible to those who are not hardcore fans.

There is no reason to believe it will not be a success, if the racing can emulate the United States GP then the stunning skyline is an added bonus.

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